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Just realosed something Empty Just realosed something

Post  EmilyHeroine on Wed Jun 10, 2009 8:47 am

Hey guys Smile
I have just realised something just this second. Well after reading what you guys saod when i posted that " goonh to kill myself" well i realised how much some pf you care about me. It makes me feel warm inside Smile ...(sybre dont u dare make that comment sexual..) neways. . . This private server started off as something to cure my bordum, but transformed ijto a family for me:). A family ive never had one that cares about my life and my descions. You guys dont even truely know me and you guys care for me more thab my REAL LIFE FAMILY AND FRIENDS.

you guys rock!
Expecally, diogo, katie, shado, and sybre ( alphabetic order )


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