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Post  Muso on Thu May 14, 2009 8:38 pm

In Real Name:


In Game Name(s):










What do you think are important qualities of a Mod?:

i think Mod should be Playful so player will like to stay on server ,btw mod also need to be Kind because if mod is Bad he will scare players ,And Mod should be Talkactive then players wont be bored,Mod should be Helpful help along with new players and try to solve problems,Mod should be HardWorking on catching hackers and help Admin and Owner ,Mod also need to Make players laugh so players will be happy and try to introduce our server ^^

Have you had previous Mod experience on a Maple storys server?:

not mod but Gm yes ive been gm in 2 v62 servers and 6 v 55

If yes, details:

the people said i was the best gm, but later the servers crashed Sad

How much hours can you play:

minimum 3 hours

How much time a day on vacations/weekends?:

7 hours

How would you describe yourself as an overall person?:

i am a 13 year old , im the kindest guy in school, i like to help my friends, and always play with them. I like to try something new , that's very fun. i always join camp and school events,so i have a lots of friends.

at home, im quite quiet , i dont talk too much in my house because no1 talk to me. sometimes , i am also angry or sad ,but i will become normal in a short time, im quite cheerful.

How long have you been playing private servers or Normal Maple storys?:

i played maplestory since i was 8 that made my english good xD im the best in english in my class


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Muso's Gm app Empty Re: Muso's Gm app

Post  Zimonada on Thu May 14, 2009 10:06 pm

Like I've said to other people, I've never seen or heard of you. So for now, no. At least not until you get to be a bit more well known.

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