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*Sniffley* Help (Seriouse post?) Empty *Sniffley* Help (Seriouse post?)

Post  Heroine on Mon May 25, 2009 5:09 am

First off, In the other thread who ever said were not supposed to spam... Gtfo. Evil or Very Mad

Secondly, this is a serious post; I want serious replies, I know we had fun, but here is where we have actual discussions and so forth, revealing our maturity on real subjects.

I was gone for maybe a week or so, maybe more, and many of you already have 100+ post's. When I first posted on this forum no one was really using it besides GM apps, because people are greedy and that's all they really want. So I decided to actually post and I'm glad that DrNo (sorry if spelled incorrectly) helped in making this an actual community, full of post's. I just don't know how I'm going to wiggle my self back into it, after all these post's were made.

I mean, I even missed out on the replies to my first post-o-holic's thread. I guess I'm jealous in a way, but also sad that I missed it, if you understand where I'm coming from. I also noticed people are now using correct grammar, punctuation, and capitalizing words! That also makes me jealous, I've always written in correct grammar and so forth, even in-game I will do that... I don't know I'm just weird... It makes me jealous =(

Any way.. the real discussion I want to have is, do you find it strange I would be jealous missing out on threads? On any other forums I'm a part of, I always have a say. This was a forum that I could actually help re-create in a way of speaking. I missed the whole beginning It's just strange to me seeing threads that people are done and over with, and not seeing a post of my thoughts in it.

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