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Just some suggestions on improvements Empty Just some suggestions on improvements

Post  Marz on Fri May 22, 2009 3:38 am

Hi there,
i am just writing this to see if you like some of the ides i have that my benifit the community of maple.

1. I think it would be an awsome idea if we could customize Henesys hunting grround with monsters ranging from snails and orange mushrooms , to gate keepers and griffey.
2. Aswell as costomizing Henesys hunting ground i think we should arrange monsters from Fm1 having the high level monsters such as pianus or zakum, to Fm 20 (or what ever number it goes up to) to having lower leveled monsters such as mushmom and so on.
3. Also maybe having a more accessable and simple way to download Flash jump and or rev 2.5 ( if thats right ) , because it doesnt make a very good impression on people if they are logging out every 10-20 minutes. But thats just my oppinion.

Ill try to add some more ideas to this if anyone favours them.

Also sorry if theres bad spelling, and please no horrible comments but any view is respected.

Thanx for reading. Smile XD


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