Reversion v2.6 Mob List

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Reversion v2.6 Mob List Empty Reversion v2.6 Mob List

Post  Zienth on Wed May 20, 2009 12:50 am

List of Mobs added in rev v2.6
ID Name Level Picture
Temple of Time

Memory Lane
8200000 - Eye of Time 80 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Hourgalsser
8200001 - Priest of Memories 91 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Green_Masker
8200002 - Oracle of Memories 94 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Green_lead_Masker
8200003 - Guardian Soldier of Memories 98 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Plant_Knight
8200004 - Guardian Captain of Memories 101 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Plant_Lead_Knight
8220004 - Dodo 121Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Whale

Frozen Walkway
8200005 - Priest of Regards 106 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Blue_Masker
8200006 - Oracle of Regards 109 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Blue_Lead_Masker
8200007 - Guardian Soldier of Regards 113Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Ice_Knight
8200008 - Guardian Captain of Regards 116Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Ice_Lead_Knight
8220005 - Lilino 131Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Knight

Oblivion Passage
8200009 - Priest of Oblivion 121 Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Red_Masker
8200010 - Oracle of Oblivion 124Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Red_Lead_Masker
8200011 - Guardian Soldier of Regards 128Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Flame_Knight
8200012 - Guardian Captain of Regards 131Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Flame_Lead_Knight
8220006 - Rakia 141Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Layka

Dusk of God
8820000 - Passive Pink Vynn 180Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Pink_Bean
8820001 - Pink Vynn 180Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Pink_Bean
8820002 - Ariel 180Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Ariel
8820003 - Wiseman Solomon 180Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Wiseman_Solomon
8820004 - Wiseman Rex 180Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Wiseman_Rex
8820005 - Huigin 180Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Huigin
8820006 - Minum 180Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Munin
8820007 - Mini Vynn 130Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Mini_Been

Ulu City
9420514 - Berserkie 80Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Berserkie
9420515 - Veetron 87Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Veetron
9420516 - Slygie 95Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Slygie
9420517 - Montrecer 108Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Montrecer
9420518 - Petrifighter 110Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Petrifighter
9420519 - Duku 115Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Duku
Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Krexel
9420520 - Krexel 140
9420523 - Bacal 80Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Bacal

Elin Forest
4250000 - Moss Snail 42Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Algae_Snail
4250001 - Tree Lord 46Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Tree_Lord
5250000 - Moss Mushroom 55Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Algae_Mushroom
5250001 - Stone Bug 51Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Stone_Bug
5250002 - Ancient Boar 57Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Ancient_Boar

Golden Horde
9420009 - Baby White Monkey 20Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Baby_White_Monkey
9420007 - Rough Monkey 42Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Rough_Monkey
9420008 - Mom&Baby Monkey 50Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Mom%26Baby_Monkey
9420010 - Furious White Monkey 65Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Furious_White_Monkey
9420012 - Sapphire Giant 83Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Sapphire_Giant
9420011 - Ruby Giant 90Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Ruby_Giant
9420013 - Mighty Stone Giant 99Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Mighty_Stone_Giant
9420014 - Evil Spirit Giant 120Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Evil_Spirit_Giant

Mu Lung Raid
9300215 - Mu Gong 150Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Mu_Gong
9300269 - So Gong 20Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_So_Gong
9300270 - Mini Panda 80Reversion v2.6 Mob List MS_Monster_Mini_Panda

Floating Market
Night Market
Taipei 101
Mount Song Town
Kirby Squad
Seo Moon Jong
Neo Tokyo
Maylasia Highlands
Farious Tower

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Reversion v2.6 Mob List Empty Re: Reversion v2.6 Mob List

Post  Gentlemen on Sun May 24, 2009 9:36 pm

Thanks. This is going to be helpful for rev 2.5 events =)

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Reversion v2.6 Mob List Empty Re: Reversion v2.6 Mob List

Post  Cybr on Sun May 24, 2009 11:45 pm

And I feel like jacking off on them. HOT <3

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Reversion v2.6 Mob List Empty Re: Reversion v2.6 Mob List

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