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Post  Rusty on Tue May 19, 2009 12:11 am

Can't do it. Even did what the person said to do in the other character deletion thread.

My character Rusty is stuck. The server went down yesterday while I was fighting Zakum in Zakums Altar.

Unstuck fix does not work; I asked SuicideNote for help, and all he tried was the unstuck fix probably.

After that failed, he told me I would have to delete my character, which I can't.

He wouldn't even reply to me after that.

I messaged Blue on Xat, never did get a reply (I may have; I think it logged me out after many hours or something), having asked her to delete my character.

My character is still there; and still needs to be deleted.

When I double click my character, it proceeds with the login noise, but the character screen doesnt change. The character keeps walking; I appear to login to friends, rebirth messages appear as if I was in the cash shop.

It's either someone fixes the character somehow, or deletes him, so I can reuse the name.

If deletion isn't even possible; I'm leaving, not that any of you honestly care. What does 1 player like me matter? Nothing, but I expected a little more help. :/

Thanks for looking at this.


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